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The Real Paradise For Puppies

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Bark Against Bullies

Welcome to Puppies In Paradise

We have moved accross the street to # 176

Phone: (561) 804-0144

Hi, I am laurie Verme the owner and founder of Puppies In Paradise, I wish to welcome you to our spotless environment, our home away from home, our paradise for puppies, your place to come ask questions and to pet and mingle with the future love of your life, your new pet puppy.

Puppies In Paradise is a high-end puppy boutique that is a breed above the rest, we are located in the heart of it all in City Place West Palm Beach corner of Rosemary Avenue and Gardenia Street next to Macys. Puppies In Paradise specializes in smaller breed dogs like teacup puppies, toy poodles and other toy breeds, designer breed dogs, and some of the larger breed names as well.

Between our specially trained staff and I, we add up to a combined total of 20 years’ experience in the puppy boutique profession. We do whatever it takes on a day to day basis to make our puppies health, our puppies well-being and their happiness our top priority. We are also well stocked in an extensive line of high end puppy designer courture which we exhibit throughout Puppies In Paradise. We have a diverse display of treasures ranging from designer clothing, to Swarovski crystal collars, elegant canopy beds, elaborate feeding bowls as well as yummy treats, all natural doggie cuisine and an array of doggie baked cookies.

Thank you for visiting Puppies In Paradise at City Place West Palm Beach Florida.